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Pressure Washing v Power Washing. What’s The Difference?

Pressure Washing

Cleaning is an essential activity for any home. Homeowners can choose different ways to clean their homes depending on how stuck the dirt is. Pressure washing is the most common way of cleaning, but for truly stuck materials and better results, power washing is more recommended.  

Power washing and pressure washing are similar in a way but also different. Both methods use high-pressure water, but power washing will use hot water. Hot water makes it possible to remove any dirt with ease and faster. 

Power washing will be applicable in a wide range of activities and this why many people prefer the method. When you receive the service from a reputable company, you will really enjoy the results. 

So where can power washing be applied?  

Both residential and commercial cleaning 

Power washing is an effective cleaning method that can be used in any sector, both residential and commercial. People will find it hard to clean their commercial areas because more dirt will be accumulated, and industrial areas will have larger premises.  

Power washing comes as a solution as it can be used to clean any area no matter the dirt and the size of the premise. The hot pressured water removes dirt faster, making it possible to clean large areas within a few minutes.  

Roof cleaning 

Roof is such a vital part of any home. The best way to care for your roof is by cleaning it so that it can last for a long time. As the roof is exposed to dust and other debris, you need to clean it regularly.  

However, cleaning a roof is not a walk in the park. The dirt and other debris will stick, and you will need to go for a method that can remove the dirt without much struggle.

Power washing is the best way to clean the roof and save your pocket from the cost of installing a new roof. 

Power washing

is an excellent cleaning method that can be applied anywhere. It applies to both residential and commercial premises. However, you need to hire the most reputable company.   Jersey Shores is a reputable power washing company that has been offering the service for the past 15 years. Give us a call and get your premises cleaned. 732-681-1111

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